Sr. Python Developer - Python

Title: Sr. Python Developer
Qualifications: Python
Number: 196
Start Date: 24/03/2019
End Date: 31/08/2019
WorkPlace: Københavnsområdet
Experience: -
Project Description: We are strong in physics and numerical methods, and are software dev enthusiasts. We do contribute to open-source software when it makes sense. We need a software dev professional to complement this skill set and raise it to a new level. Requirements: About you Most importantly, you are versatile and can figure out how to make whatever tools and systems are thrown at you work together in new ways. In particular, you are skilled in the following: - Python, for desktop as well as web apps (with some relevant front-end framework) - DevOps and associated tool ecosystem (we use Azure DevOps as well as JetBrains' suite) - Best practices in programming and software development - As we regularly port legacy MATLAB code to Python, some knowledge of MATLAB will be useful
Contact Info: Karina Nordvig Davids,, Tld. 25 60 24 33

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